Near Vanilla is a Free-to-Play server for Minecrafters 18+. We will never ask our players for money, however we do accept donations from players wishing to contribute to the continued life of the server. All donations/purchases are dedicated to the management and upkeep of the server itself including, but not limited to, server hosting costs and hardware upgrades.

While all donations are welcomed and appreciated, we have set a fixed minimum donation of $2.00 USD to prevent our contributors' funds being lost to transaction fees. This is a direct donation package and does not result in any in-game perks or items.

We offer a secondary package requiring a minimum donation of $5.00 USD that grants the contributor a WorldBorder Bypass. As the world has a 10,000 block border, this bypass allows players to explore an additional 20,000 outside the aforementioned border.

Package Delivery Times:
Packages can sometimes take up to 20 minutes to be received. If you have not received your package after 20 minutes, please contact one of our moderators via Discord.

When our players make a donation, a thank you message is broadcast to the server. If you wish to have your donation remain anonymous, please contact one of our moderators prior to donating.

Payment Methods:
Using a PayPal account, you can make your donations using any leading Credit or Debit card providers, or using your existing PayPal balance.

Thank you for supporting our server and being a part of our community!